April 3 | By Katrina Wollet

Pledging to complete the 30 Days of Biking challenge in Minnesota is always a gamble of sorts. There’s the potential for spring and thunderstorms, warm wind and blossoms—and the looming possibility that winter hasn’t quite waved goodbye.

Tonight in Minneapolis we’re bracing for a record breaking April snow storm. And, for our community of joyful cyclists, we’re also doing our best to keep pedaling. To match the speed of my city, I rode to the cemetery, a peaceful winter wonderland. A piece full of winter and wonder and land.

It’s hard to imagine, at the moment, that spring will ever find the tree I’m under, the footsteps and tire tracks I left behind, or the tiny writing studio with the little pup named Penny. For now, the only thing I see is an open field of white for me to pedal through.

Katrina Wollet is a freelance storyteller. If she isn’t in her studio, she’s probably in the woods, lost near downtown Minneapolis, or looking for her glasses. Every fall she goes straight from sandals to boots, and every spring she does the reverse.

Photo credit: Brock Petrie